Volcán de Fuego – Antigua, Guatemala

On our 2010 Guatemala Trip, we climbed Volcán Pacaya and took this photo of neighboring Volcán de Fuego on our way to the summit. Fuego is known for its near constant low-level activity and regularly billowing smoke, though eruptions are rare.

Scone Palace – Perth, Scotland

For more than 1,000 years, Scone Palace served as the crowning place for the Kings of Scotland. A replica of the Stone of Scone (a.k.a. The Coronation Stone) sits on the property today. We toured the palace on our 2008 Scotland trip. The grounds are open to the public and entrance is gained for a nominal fee.

The Ruins of Tikal – Petén, Guatemala

We visited Tikal National Park on our 2010 Guatemala trip. Built by a pre-Columbian Maya civilization in the Classic Period, it’s perhaps most famous as the rebel base in Star Wars Episode IV.